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Helal Group is pleased to present itself as a reliable importer and supplier of many Agricultural products, namely a wide range of seeds of the major crops, foods and feeds for local and foreign consumer's consumption and  a promising operator team with a specific goal to serving famer who is supposed to be the vital focus to its success.

Mr. Hazrat Wali a member of the group with his systematic exchange of knowledge, expertise in Agricultural business, mutual economic and technical cooperation in the fields of technology, production, distribution, trade of seeds and agro was to be noted as one of his distinguishing skills. And Helal Group appointed him as the Managing Director of the company

Helal Group celebrates its 16th anniversary on 2014; Helal Group specializes in design, research, development and marketing of seeds and agro-products of superior quality. Dedication, integrity and 'customer first' are Helal Group commitments. We endeavor to maintain a long-term and stable working relationship with both our customers and suppliers. As a leading agricultural company, we are committed to Good Agricultural Practices and creating opportunities for our farmers to prosper from improved on-farm productivity and yield, through sustainable use of quality seeds and other required inputs.

We firmly believe that use of quality improved crop seeds is key to increased yields, increased incomes and safer & higher quality produce for consumers. At Helal Group we aim to promote commercial agriculture as an engine for rural development, industrialization and greater employment for poor masses.

Helal Group is a holding company, with the operating office having a relatively independent management position. Helal Groups operating offices are organized in different divisions (Vegetable Seed, Fertilizers, Agricultural Inputs, Sapling, and etc). Within the Seed Group, Helal Agricultural & Seed Company is working on importing of all best branded seeds from different worldwide recognized companies to Afghanistan and marketing of seeds. The Seed group contains all the best brands of worldwide recognized companies' improved vegetable seeds. The Feed group provides farmers with compound feed, pesticides, fertilizers, and equipment.

The company was established in 1998 to carry out activities for provision of different brands of best Agricultural Improved Seed and Supplies to all over Afghanistan. During its twelve years’ of existence, Helal Group main goal has not changed, to provide farmers/customers/members with good value. The Helal Group nowadays is a network of International & National operating Helal Group regional offices. Its main activities includes' supplying Afghanistan farmers with starting material (e.g., seeds), feed and other Agricultural Inputs.

Helal Group has established state of the art infrastructure facilities and processing plants and seed conditioning go downs, Seeds are produced by experienced contract growers and are processed at the modern processing plants located at Jalalabad City, Helal Agricultural and seeds co. is the leading agricultural company in import and export of varieties of products, HG also provides all kinds of seeds almost covering whole Afghanistan through its high quality and improved varieties of the products.

Seed plays a crucial role in boosting up the agricultural production as well as economy of the country. The identity of Helal Group is characterized by the fact that we work in a customer oriented and knowledge-driven way. With the member co-operatives and subsidiaries, we form a network that is mainly owned by farmers and growers.

Independently and also with the collaboration of foreign agricultural scientists Helal Group is importing and introducing seeds with a lot of high yielding and hybrid varieties according to the expectations of our farmers which is suitable for our soil and environment, disease and insects resistant, more profitable and better quality. The company is increasing its foot print to all the Provinces, Districts and villages of Afghanistan and international markets.

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