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Research and Development Center

A truly interdisciplinary efficient research and development center is the spine of seed companies which are made from the College of Agricultural, Environmental Sciences, and the college of Veterinary,

The firm's exploring crew with their exceedingly skilled scientists, support staff, and promising employees dedicating to the demanding processes of variety testing's, selections, hybridizations and production of foundation seeds traded from various famous companies of the globe.

The HG brand has become synonymous with a blue chip client list and top quality candidates with equally high levels of satisfaction of our service. We offer a 'frontline' team of experienced Company Directors, Senior Consultants and Research staff who possess specialist knowledge across a variety of sectors. In addition, our people adhere to the HG Code of Professional Conduct and practice our corporate values.
  • Experienced market research professionals with knowledge in numerous industries
  • Flexible data gathering and research methods that generate sound information
  • Research programs customized according to your requird infromation for approaching to the right decisions
  • Farm level advise and individual product research

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