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Helal Group Advantages

Helal Group is unique in providing agricultural products and services. Some of the distinctive features are:
  • Proficient and modern infrastructure for research and logistics.
  • Exceptional environment for storing of seeds.
  • An excellent portfolio of products that includes nearly all range of hybrids and OP Seeds.
  • Research & Development investment has created a pipeline, which with some additional investment could deliver faster new products each year.
  • A network of growers skilled in sustainable agriculture and access to certified organic land. This will allow Helal Group to scale up its seed varieties to meet the needs of commercial growers.
  • Experienced and dedicated staff, with well acknowledge expertise in Research & Development as well as the ability to successfully scale up product marketing to commercial quantities.
  • We believe that our long-standing success in local and international markets is a product of many aspects. Some, such as our extensive local market knowledge, experienced specialist consultants and a tried and tested process are not unique, but other aspects of our offering remain unmatched in Afghanistan.
  • The quality of our service delivery is regularly monitored through quality control team.

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