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Helal Group services contains an ample range of agricultural productions and supplies of products relating Drip Irrigations, vegetables Seeds, Improved Agriculture Seeds flower Seeds, field crop Seeds, poultry, dairy,  Agrochemicals, Agro Machinery, Agricultural consultancy, Green house technology s, Honey bee, Fertilizers, Animal Feed, agro-industry, Forestry and Orchard, Agricultural Machinery, Agricultural Trainings, Veterinary Services, Quality Agro Chemicals Rental and Agricultural Machinery, Nursery Farms  etc.

Services may range from planting and growing to harvesting and plowing. Farmers need to perform certain agricultural services for their own farms, or hire out for the services they cannot provide for themselves. Gardeners and greenhouse owners may also require agricultural services for their plants.

A farm's crops need to be fertilized in order to thrive, whether they choose to go the organic or traditional chemical route. Soil testing, market research and pesticide application are all examples of agriculture services.

Livestock management is also another example of agricultural services. Some services can take place in a lab, such as testing. Others, however, must take place in the field, such as weather or plant analysis.

Some agricultural service providers also sell products such as harvesting equipment, chemicals, bioremediation products and raw materials. Certain machines and equipment are needed to carry out tests and maintain crop growth. Agriculture machines must harvest the items produced, such as corn and other vegetables. The professionals behind agricultural services may be comprised of consultants, who generally have backgrounds in hydrology, environmental science or agronomy.

They can research the distribution and effect of water in the soil, to determine area climate conditions that are conducive to crop growth. Agricultural professionals could be farmers who provide services for area businesses or even other farms. Foods such as fruits and vegetables need proper seeding, care and maintenance to produce effective crops for harvest. Animals on a farm also need to be tended to and kept in optimal health. Agricultural services can help by providing a variety of offerings for consumers.

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