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Afghanistan being an Agriculture country with its 80% economy depending on farming products and crop growing lands.

We are in no doubt that quality seeds bring up life to agricultural activities which is the main peak of agricultural business and for fulfilling the needs of farmers in eastern region we choose different options of seed, verities to meet the desired wants of our clients and farmers so for that we need to improve agricultural businesses in Afghanistan.

Helal Group started its seed business in 1998 in eastern zone, Jalalabad, Afghanistan, which has now exceeded the trade to being the top private agricultural seed company in Afghanistan by getting many key business awards from different organizations and Governmental agricultural sectors.

With the help of Helal group research and development panel our improved agricultural seed now touches the milestone to other provinces which in 2006 HG shifted its main office to Kabul, and worked in the central farming business areas of improved agricultural seeds,in a very limited and short time we put up up research and development centers for the famers to over loop and train them with the new happenings of seed and farming technologies around the world.

Now that HG is known as a quality seed provider to all over Afghanistan it’s all because of its professional business strategies to penetrating the agricultural market and its staff whom believed they could make it be a brand.

Helal Group of Companies provides you improved agriculture seeds which are tested under the direct control of the Ministry of Agriculture and it is selected origins as an optimized seed of cereal and vegetable for the farmers.

We Helal Group are importing one of the top best seeds and its different varieties from the branded seeds producers of the world; in addition Helal itself is also producing its local seeds as well by its farmers, seed breeders, farm specialists, and agronomists within Afghanistan to the local market for its development in the agriculture business.

The qualities of the seeds are typically oriented to the environment which you want to cultivate in your farm.

For your more information you can get recommendations and suggestions from our experts of seeds department while purchasing your considered necessary seeds and see our seed catalogue.


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