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Mushroom Production

Helal Group in the field of mushroom supplier as an experienced in its life cycle as fungi are completely different from growing green plants; they do not contain chlorophyll and therefore depend on other plant material (the "substrate") for their food.

These are the steps in mushroom production- a cycle that takes about 15 weeks (time varies by species) from start to finish.

  • Choosing a growing medium.
  • Pasteurizing or sterilizing the medium.
  • Seeding the beds with spawn (material from mature mushrooms grown on sterile media).
  • Maintaining optimal temperature, moisture, and other conditions for mycelium growth and the conditions that favor fruiting (This is the most challenging step.)
  • Harvesting, packaging, and selling the mushrooms.
  • Cleaning the facility and beginning again.

Small-scale mushroom production in the Farm and in the Garden represents an opportunity for farmers interested in an additional enterprise and is a specialty option for farmers without much land. This publication is designed for market gardeners who want to incorporate mushrooms into their systems and for those farmers who want to use mushroom cultivation as a way to extract value from woodlot thinning and other "waste" materials.

Mushroom production can play an important role in managing farm organic wastes when agricultural and food processing by-products are used as growing media for edible fungi. The spent substrate can then be composted and applied directly back to the soil. This publication includes resources for entrepreneurs who wish to do further research. Many people are intrigued by mushrooms nutritional and medicinal properties, in addition to their culinary appeal. Asian traditions maintain that some specialty mushrooms provide health benefits.

We know that Mushroom need to be kept in cool and freezing places, Helal Group importing different types of mushrooms and its needing equipments such as sterilizer, cooker, Rubbing Alcohol -- Rubbing alcohol is a must for any mushroom grower as it is used to keep various pieces of equipment clean and to prevent the spread of contaminants. You use it on your latex gloves/work surfaces/laboratory equipment. Rubbing alcohol is also known as Isopropyl alcohol (70%), Mushroom spores – these are the “seeds” or the source of your new mushrooms. Mushrooms being fungi do not have “seeds” as such, but rather propagate themselves via the dispersion of their spores. These are the most expensive part of your whole mushroom growing operation however you can pick up mushroom spores for between $10-$25 to get started. You can then propagate your own mushrooms from that point forward, Growing medium- growing mediums for mushrooms are wide and varied but need to be kept relatively moist at all times. They include such things as (hardwood) woodchips, straw, saw dust, to coffee grounds, logs, and /or similar organic items. The medium is what your mushroom spores will grow in, consume, and turn into edible mushrooms.

Other miscellaneous mushroom growing equipment - this can include such things as plastic bags (to store the growing medium in), boxes or trays to keep your mushroom growing bag in or to grow the mushrooms in directly, watering equipment and more. This growing equipment is all very inexpensive and will be discussed in more detail as we progress.

Besides supplying different types of mushrooms and its equipments our experts are here to provide you full mushroom growing training courses to farmers and its desired customers.

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