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Helal Group is a seedling expert center which has been provider of the seedlings to many projects in Afghanistan and has been a successful provider, which the seedlings were appropriate to climate conditions.

Helal Group is known since start of their working history as a best agriculture provider in all aspect.

We invite you for the any kind of product and services including seedlings of this company to fulfill the need of your agriculture corner. Nursery farms are the places which we are cultivating the seeds under the appropriate conditions.

Our farming services consists of tree treatment and build up, flowers treatment, fruiting the trees, we are train farmers to how to grow, walnut, apricot, peach, apple, pear, orange lemon etc,

Besides, we also check the diseases during their buildup and check the characteristics of the fruits, watering systems, and their reaction to temperature degrees.

The seeds of vegetables are going to be cultivated directly to ground or seedling homes and then being transferred to the farm field. If we cultivate the seeds of vegetables directly to the ground so it gives us weak and small seedlings therefore the stage of bush rip are being postponed, so that is why the seeds are cultivating in the seedling homes for a short period till the plant height get to 10-15 cm and then transferred to the farm field. The advantages of the seedlings homes are a lot to cultivate the seeds such as the incremental build of long season is important in the area which specially have short season, ripen period of harvest, distribution of that to the market with high price, keep young seedlings from harsh environmental conditions like risk of high and low temperatures, drizzle, and etc which provides the better condition of incremental for the seedling.

The soil of the seedling homes should be soft and fertile and made of four shares totally one share sand, one share animals shoveling (organic and good decomposition) and 2 shares soil.

These kinds of soils are really fare for the seedling homes with PHP of 6-6.8 and by same kind of enough fertilizer has to be added for the risk of the diseases in vegetable soil must also be sterilize.

We do take in mind to provide you the convincing service


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